Description of treatments

In spa treatment, therapeutic rehabilitation and prevention, we mainly apply treatments from the scope of physiotherapy, using physiological the influence of different energy forms on the organism.

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therapeutic massages

The brine bath by the temperature, the hydrostatic pressure and annoying receptors of the skin is triggering the congestion and it is facilitating the circulation and the resorption of inflammatory conditions.

Recommendation: Indicated in illness of the layout of the movement, of nervous system, of the cardiovascular system, skins

The pallial shower and the power shower by the temperature, the pressure and mechanical sinking droplets of water grinded down the metabolism of body.

Recommendation: atherosclerosis, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, coronary diseases, Basedow’s illness, problems of circulation.

Underwater massage through the temperature and the water pressure causes the hemangiectasis.

Recommendation: Recommended at hypertrophic arthritis, post-traumatic states, muscle disappearance and paresis, neuralgias, obesities.

The whirlpool massage through the temperature and the move of conveying water causes the reduction of the venous stagnation, reduces the muscle tone and eases a feeling of pain.

Recommendation: atherosclerosis of dishes, Reynaud’s illness, states after thrombophlebitis, hypertrophic arthritides, rheumatism of tissues

Mud packs cause the blood supply, they are precipitating absorbing pathological liquids in effusions, they are stimulating the bark of adrenal glands.

Recommendation: stalled rheumatism, degenerative changes, multiple neuritis.

Brine inhalations are loosening secretion and they are facilitating expectorating

Recommendation: rhinitis, rhinitis of the throat, the voice box and bronchi.

The galvanization causes the direct current overheating tissues, the hemangiectasis, increasing or reducing the neural excitability.

Recommendation: excitability at neuralgias, for hypertrophic arthritis, of slipped disk, disorders of the district circulation, for flaccid paralysis.

They are reducing the muscle tone, they are widening blood vessels, they are suppressing the sympathetic nervous system, they are demonstrating painkilling action.

Recommendation: Shown by pain teams of the spine, for sciatica, for degenerative disease, neuralgias, for spur of the calcaneus, pains after amputation.

Mechanical annoying receptors causes streamlining the local circulation, precipitating absorbing effusions and transudates, increasing allocating endocrine glands.

Recommendation: stalled circulation problems, atherosclerotic arteriosclerosis, thrombotic vasculitis, inefficiency of lymphatic vessels, of shins, obesity, grudges of peripheral nerves, neuralgias, rheumatoid arthritis.

The healing- gymnastics is aimed at developing individual organs, particularly of a move. It is restoring the physical fitness. Individual or collective gymnastics is being recommended depending on disease and a state of a sick person.

The ionophoresis consists in inserting medicines into tissues with strength of electric field.

Recommendation: softening scars, desensitizing and painkilling, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory.

The electric field of the great frequency causes heating up tissues subjected to it’s action as a result of being created in them of endogenic warmth.

Recommendation: neuralgias, lighting the jitters and nerve roots, degenerative diseases, rheumatism of tissues, post-traumatic states.