Medical service price list


Medical service price list for 2021


Diadynamics PLN 15.00
Galvanization PLN 15.00
Ionophoresis PLN 15.00
Ultrasounds PLN 19.00
Interdyn PLN 15.00
Interdyn vacuum PLN 20.00
Solaris PLN 16.00
Termo 500 PLN 15.00
Sollux up to 15 min. PLN 15.00
Psorilux small PLN 15.00
Psorilux large PLN 16.00
Biostimulating laser PLN 31.00
Cryotherapy – cold air PLN 20.00
Cryotherapy – liquid nitrogen PLN 25.00
Magnetotherapy PLN 19.00
Underwater massage-automatic  
– in water PLN 36.00
– in the brine PLN 42.00
Lymphatic massage (sleeve) PLN 21.00
The whirlpool massage PLN 25.00
Partial hand massage:  
– limbs PLN 32.00
– the spine PLN 49.00
Lymphatic manual massage PLN 48.00
Power shower PLN 21.00
Ring shower PLN 25.00
The brine bath (in the natural brine) PLN 37.00
Acid-carbon bath PLN 37.00
Pearl bath:  
-in the brine PLN –
-ordinary PLN –
Brine pool PLN 37.00
Mud packs (one type of joints) PLN 37.00
Mud wraps of one body part (spine or hips or shoulder) PLN 37.00
Individual inhalations  
– cure/oi PLN 16.00
– brine PLN 16.00
Individual gymnastics PLN 36.00
Collective gymnastics PLN 15.00
Individual gymnastics on devices (15 min.) PLN 15.00
Relaxation exercises and (30 min.) PLN 15.00
Galvanic peloid wrap PLN 15.00
Mud ionophoresis PLN 15.00
Electrostimulation PLN 15.00
KOTZ currents PLN 20.00
TENS currents PLN 20.00
TRABERT currents PLN 20.00
Ultraphonophoresis PLN 20.00
Individual gymnastics of feet PLN 15.00
Individual gymnastics of a palm PLN 15.00
Nebulisation PLN 15.00
Tapping PLN 42.00


Outpatient visit to order treatments (without a referral) PLN 43.00
Medical advice PLN 86.00
Blood sugar level test PLN 13.00
Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection with a drug PLN 21.00
Intravenous injection with a drug PLN 27.00
Measurement of blood pressure PLN 16.00
Intravenous drip infusion – service (plus the cost of cannula and a drug) PLN 30.00
Medical certificate issuance PLN 64.00
Ordinary dressings and wound disinfection PLN 27.00
Diagnostic puncture and treatment:  
– articular bursa, surface hematoma, cysts or abscess PLN 70.00
– articular cavity, Hydrocele testis deeper located or cysts PLN 112.00
-simple PLN 59.00
– multi-layer PLN 112.00
Local turning off the nervous system (block) PLN 112.00
– single soft tissue abscess PLN 80.00
– multiple abscesses PLN 112.00
Treatments related to “minor surgery” (e.g. removal of an ingrown nail) PLN 112.00
Making of immediate immobilization in dislocations or fractures directed for further treatment beyond the clinic: PLN 112.00
-in the event of injury covering small joints and bones  
-in the event of injury covering large joints and bones  


Rheumatological PLN 86.00
Dermatological PLN 86.00
Psychological consultation PLN 86.00


Electrocardiogram (ECG) without description PLN 54.00
Electrocardiogram (ECG) with description PLN 75.00
Psychological consultation PLN 86.00


The payment for the medical service of laboratory tests includes:
-material collection
-transfer of the material to tests and collection of the tests results of the Central Laboratory in Świnoujście
-interpretation of the result by a doctor “Uzdrowisko Świnoujście” S.A.


Outpatient Registration 

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