ul. S. Żeromskiego 9
72-600 Świnoujście

91 32 12 166 91 32 14 452


Bursztyn is an interesting and beautiful object, put by the boardwalk, about 50 meters fromthe sea. This pre-war building was restored with keeping unique architecture .The bathing spa about the high standard has the luxury apartment and rooms for 1.2, or 3 persons with the possibility of additional beds. All the rooms are equipped with the TV-set, refrigerators, hairdryers, and the access to the net. Part of the rooms have balconies but all guests have an opportunity to use beautiful and sunny terrace. The object is fully adopted for the purposes of persons with disabilities. On the spot there is a spacious and held in the climate of the object restaurant, serving traditional dishes of the Polish cuisine ,even the most requiring guest will be satisfied. There is a possibility to organize on the spot departure trainings for employees, because it has a convenient meeting hall. Besides there is a lift, a monitoring, magnetic keys and the safe. All this guarantees safety for our customers. A floodlit fountain with evening concerts of classical music is underlining calm and nice atmosphere of the object.

“Bursztyn” is the center of biological regeneration and the medical rehabilitation done bythe qualified and experienced staff will allow to regain and to improve both psychological as well as physical state of health. In the object among others a sauna is situated, Jacuzzi, specialist massage parlor, beauty parlor. The long-standing tradition and the consolidated quality “Uzdrowisko Świnoujście” S.A. are giving the certainty that the spent time at us will be satisfying and pleasant for each of you. We are inviting you cordially!


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Bursztyn "Uzdrowisko Świnoujście" S.A, Stefana Żeromskiego, Świnoujście, Polska