Treatment base

The Uzdrowisko Świnoujście S.A. has a few natural healing firms. The biggest among them are:

  • Center of Rehabilitation “Rusałka”
  • Natural Medicine Plant “Bałtyk”

Center of Rehabilitation „Rusałka”

The biggest and the most modern is “Rusałka” .The building is located in the immediate vicinity of the promenade and the beach. It is characterized by interesting architecture with the majority of glass. Shape of the building is referring to sea character(stylized ship).’’Rusałka” has 5 levels, it is fully adapted for the purposes of persons with disabilities. A comfortable drive, automatically moved door and two lifts are here for your convenience

The object is being air-conditioned. At this unit we offer about 30 types of treatments. They are based on had natural raw materials. The spa has abounding sources of brine. This sources are strongly mineralized waters with addition of chlorine, bicarbonate of soda and brine.

Healing waters are being get from 3 sources of brine:

  • Jantar
  • Teresa
  • XXX-lecia

Brine is being used for brine baths, the brine hydromassages, and the inhalations. Therapeutic mud or moorpeat is the second row material used in this healing center. It is applied for facings. The department of physiotherapy being in this object is equipped with modern medical equipment For the use of patients and remaining there are studies: of cryotherapy, the elektro and phototherapies (laser treatment, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, sollux) Treatments from the branch of hydrotherapy is: so-called coal and acid bath, quadriocular. From the scope of the kinesipathy and individual gymnastics is being conducted. More over here classical massages and the whirlpool massages are being carried out. There is a solarium and sauna here. In the afternoons here is fitness classes. The object is being monitored and it is holding the round-the-clock protection. The integrity is made functionally and modernly. A big car park is accessible to person using treatments.

Natural Medicine Plant “Bałtyk”

Another big object is “Bałtyk” situated near the sanatorium “Bałtyk”. It is smaller object having only three levels.

At this units we offer 20 types of treatments. A brine swimming pool occupies the vast area of this object- in which classic of collective rehabilitative gymnastics are held. More over above it here the exercises of kinesipathy are being conducted, both the collective as well as individual gymnastics are being held, as well as rhythmical respiratory motor classes at the music.

From the scope of hydrotherapy in “Bałtyk” is: underwater massage, the power shower, pallial showers, and whirlpool massages of hands and legs are being carried out. Patients use a white range of treatments such as: terapulse, inophoresis, galvanization, phototherapies, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy. It is also possible here to take advantage of healing massage and vibratory massage. Object is adapted for the purposes of persons with disabilities.

Easy access to every stage facilitates convenient lift. About the quality and the effectiveness of treatments carried out in the Uzdrowisko Świnoujście S.A. is deciding professional and qualified medical staff.